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The Hut on Smekovec

The Hut on Smekovec

Smrekovec is the highest peak of the Šalek Valley and a natural habitat of the capercaillie – a protected species in the Southern Europe.

The Hut on Smekovec

Bele Vode 37
SI – 3325 Šoštanj

T: +386 3 58 41 588
M: +386 41 785 698


Hearty meals go down best after outdoor activities. At the Smrekovec Mountain Lodge, they are well aware of this, and offer simple pot meals such as Ajdovi žganci (Buckwheat spoonbread), štruklji (cottage cheese rolled dumplings), apple strudel and fruits of the forest desserts. Whether you come by on foot or by bicycle, ascending the dormant volcano from various routes is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Smrekovec is also a great starting point for bike and hike tours to other peaks.