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See the joy in your kids’ eyes! Take them to Pika’s festival. Visit playgrounds with special mining playground equipment and walk trails with interesting heroes.

Different playgrounds, festivals and thematic trails.


Families with small and big children feel great in Šaleška Valley. They can decide where to go by using the special Kids’ map of Velenje, with locations for creatively entertaining the youngest ones.

Download Kids’ map of Velenje

Whilst strolling in Velenje, you’ll surely notice the carefully maintained city playground, the real play park in nature at the heart of the city, and Pika’s playground by Velenje Lake, with large sandpit, and magical villa Villekulla. Visit the adventurous energy playground Miners’ Village, which playfully informs kids about energy sources at Sun Park. Here, kids can produce light with their movements, make spirals whirl by descending a cableway and lights glow by putting lignite on trolleys, and other wonders.

At Velenje Beach, special playground equipment is provided for children with special needs. Tresimir Park in Šoštanj is a great location for children, with cableway, toboggan, climbing net, and other didactic playground equipment.

Children love coming to Velenje in September when Pika’s Festival, with more than 100 creative workshops, events on large and small theatre stages, fairy and concert stages and Pika’s Cinema, is held for the entire week.

Besides Pippi Longstocking, children are attracted to Šaleška Valley’s interesting discoveries year-round by thematic and teaching trails, with characters such as the dragon Pozoj and the dwarf Biser.

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Holiday break for the family

Holiday break

Combine the splashing around in pools with exciting learning opportunities and adventures around Šaleška Valley.

Weekend with Pozoj the Dragon

A two-day stay for the entire family

Stay close to the lakes that have special stories to tell and surprise your little ones with pleasant strolls.

A wanderer’s tour for schoolchildren and their parents

A four-day programme of guided tours where every day is a new adventure

Let Šaleška Valley be the destination of your family’s grand journey!

The Dwarf’s school day

A 3-hour hiking discovery for schoolchildren

In the Valley of Mills near Vinska Gora in Šaleška Valley, schoolchildren attending 4th grade and upward will experience unforgettable encounters with natural phenomena, plants, animals and traditional arts and crafts.

Pippi Longstocking’s walking ‘round town

A family weekend during Pippi’s festival

Let your freckles show, make sure your stockings don’t match, and then it’s off to Velenje to take part in Pippi’s adventures!

Pozoj castle trail around Velenje

For exploring the castles in Velenje we recomend you the Pozoj dragon circular trail around Velenje.


Pika’s Festival

The largest kids’ festival in Slovenia and its environs offers more than 100 workshops, plays, concerts and other experiences on various stages in Velenje every first week of September. Wherever you go, playful Pikas (Pippi Longstockings) are everywhere!
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Topolšica Spa

When our path leads us astray from the main roads into the heart of nature, we are greeted by an infinite assortment of primal experiences.

Hotel Paka

Hotel Paka has received numerous awards both in Slovenia and abroad. It has four stars.

Hotel Razgoršek

Hotel Razgoršek is a family hotel, where all the rooms are furnished in style. It is located only 15 kilometres from the motorway exit, in the vicinity of shopping centres, the bank, post office and coach and rail station.

Hotel Golte

We can assure you that you will feel great in one of the 52 double rooms.

Youth hostel Velenje

Velenje Youth Hostel is located only 500 metres from the town centre and the main bus station, on the shores of the river Paka opposite the Livada Elementary School.

Prenočišče Mraz

The Mraz Accommodation is located at the edge of the woodland in the hamlet of Gorica near Velenje. Here guests can relax and enjoy the peaceful, natural environment.

Camping jezero Velenje

The Jezero camping site is located at the Velenje lake, only one kilometre fro the town’s centre in the Westerly direction.

Apat Tourist Farm

The Apat family also offers comfy accommodation in a modern apartment house where you can spoil yourself with sauna or jacuzzi.

Tourist farm Tuševo

From the farm you can admire magnificent views of the Vinska gora, nearby fields and hamlets, whilst enjoying mouth-watering home-made dishes from home-grown produce, made according to traditional Slovenian recipes.

Veduna Farm

Veduna – where the earth and the sky, water and fire, flesh and spirit merge to create a faithful balance.