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Take a walk on Velenje Promenade. Explore Velenje Beach. Visit Pattern City. Choose your festival. Dance and sing at a concert.

Lively meetings with the future!


Velenje Promenade along the River Paka is the most beautiful place in the city for strolls, meetings and social gatherings. You can reach it from Velenje’s wide squares with friendly cafes, bars and pubs with special stories. Velenje, a city of youthful energy and a lively social life, with Pattern City and its interactive teaching settings for visitors, is the place where you can meet the future. The city below Velenje Castle, also a scene for numerous events, shows its unique pulse at Velenje Beach beside the lakes, at Sun Park and many other green places.

The Festival of Youth Culture Kunigunda in August and Pika’s Festival for kids, held in September, are only a part of the scene with more than 1,500 events per year, including cultural, music, sports and recreational events, from the international athletic meeting, to the VIP tennis tournament, sailing regattas and adventure competition called Adventure Race Slovenia. The miners celebration Skok čez kožo (Leap over skin) awakens tradition, and the Floral, Autumn Fairs and Festive Fair in December and, especially, the culinary Flavour Promenade offer plenty of reasons for a stroll in the urban centre of Šaleška Valley. The traditional fairs and events, such as the Beer Festival and Wine and Cuisine Festival invite you to Šoštanj.

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An active and different time for two

A three-day experience in Velenje

Spice up your stay in Velenje with culinary experiences with the best views and the best chefs.

Cultural Centre/Dom kulture

Kulturni dom Velenje is the town’s cultural centre intended to hold cultural events, cinema, seminars, conventions, etc.

The three-valley experience

One-day trip

Treat yourselves to a mini journey that connects three rivers, three valleys and grand experiences of genuine and original particularities!


Experience socialism

Experience Velenje, the socialist wonder of former Yugoslavia, on a nostalgic and fun stroll with fellowship challenges, and a genuine socialist lunch at Delavski klub. Expect to laugh and cooperate in order to solve tasks!
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Topolšica Spa

When our path leads us astray from the main roads into the heart of nature, we are greeted by an infinite assortment of primal experiences.

Hotel Paka

Hotel Paka has received numerous awards both in Slovenia and abroad. It has four stars.

Villa Herberstein

Vila Herberstein is situated in one of the most beautiful locations in Velenje. It is located only two hundred metres from the town’s centre, close to the winter swimming pool, and the woodland behind the Villa is an excellent place for relaxing walks in the nature.

Hotel Razgoršek

Hotel Razgoršek is a family hotel, where all the rooms are furnished in style. It is located only 15 kilometres from the motorway exit, in the vicinity of shopping centres, the bank, post office and coach and rail station.

Hotel Golte

We can assure you that you will feel great in one of the 52 double rooms.

Youth hostel Velenje

Velenje Youth Hostel is located only 500 metres from the town centre and the main bus station, on the shores of the river Paka opposite the Livada Elementary School.

Prenočišče Mraz

The Mraz Accommodation is located at the edge of the woodland in the hamlet of Gorica near Velenje. Here guests can relax and enjoy the peaceful, natural environment.

Camping jezero Velenje

The Jezero camping site is located at the Velenje lake, only one kilometre fro the town’s centre in the Westerly direction.

Apat Tourist Farm

The Apat family also offers comfy accommodation in a modern apartment house where you can spoil yourself with sauna or jacuzzi.

Tourist farm Tuševo

From the farm you can admire magnificent views of the Vinska gora, nearby fields and hamlets, whilst enjoying mouth-watering home-made dishes from home-grown produce, made according to traditional Slovenian recipes.