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Take a look at Šaleška Valley from its peaks with churches and mountain huts, experience it at tourist, beekeeping and other homesteads. Experience the magical countryside.


Šaleška valley countryside magic.


The Magic of Flavours

In Šaleška Valley, you will find not only typical local dishes using homegrown ingredients, excellent vegetables, good meat, milk, dairy products and honey, but also many special treats, such as artisanal pasta with surprising flavours, homemade herb and spice blends and preserved delicacies to get you through winter, handcrafted biscuits and delights made with fruits and herbs. A perfect complement to these dishes are our local fruit juices, spirits, wine and, last but not least, different types of craft beers. Taste the charms of the countryside!


The magic of tradition

The countryside in Šaleška will enchant you with many rich experiences, when you meet the masters of various crafts and visit homesteads that will take you back in time, or when you discover the fragments of the past you can still witness with your own eyes. What type of earthenware was it that they used in the days of yore and how does one create unique ceramic items in this day and age? Should the grains of different cereals be ground in different manners? What must it have been like to live in a house dubbed the smokehouse? What is the place they call a viničarija and what are the adjacent gardens like? Come and find the answers in Šaleška Valley!


The magic of nature

The countryside of Šaleška Valley is full of inviting corners where you can get in touch with yourselves and with nature. You can stay at homesteads that offer incredible panoramic views. You can admire wildlife in enclosures, a herd of sheep or bees at work. Experience yoga, meditations or apitherapy. On your hikes, you’ll be surprised to find karstic caves, a natural bridge almost 10 metres in height, etc. You may seek adrenaline rushes by tackling Slovenia’s most difficult climbing trail. And to see Šaleška Valley in a new light, why not go for a relaxed horse ride surrounded by pristine nature?


The magic of events

Each geographical area has its own rituals, traditions and conventions – as well as events! The traditional events presenting the countryside of Šaleška Valley and inviting everyone to experience something new are related to genuine flavours, crafts, skills and knowledge passed on through generations, but above all to the experience of joy. Meet with the locals. Taste the best they have produced in the current year. Don’t be just a visitor. Be part of the scene!

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Šalek Valley: Enchanting Countryside

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Pampering at the spa resort with strolls around the magical countryside

Four-day itinerary of accessible tourism

Make sure everyone feels good thanks to the surprising discoveries to be made in the accessible and very magical countryside of Šaleška Valley. An excellent choice for the elderly and physically disabled persons!

A wanderer’s tour for schoolchildren and their parents

A four-day programme of guided tours where every day is a new adventure

Let Šaleška Valley be the destination of your family’s grand journey!

The Dwarf’s school day

A 3-hour hiking discovery for schoolchildren

In the Valley of Mills near Vinska Gora in Šaleška Valley, schoolchildren attending 4th grade and upward will experience unforgettable encounters with natural phenomena, plants, animals and traditional arts and crafts.

»Špančeva« Vineyard Cottage

It is one of the oldest and one of the best preserved vineyard cottages in Slovenia.

Lamperček Tourist Farm

You can choose to explore the surroundings by bike. Biserčkova pot (The Pearl Road) is perfect for this type of adventure.

Kavčnik Homestead

The centre of the homestead is an over 400-year-old smoking chamber with an open fireplace used for cooking and heating.


Refresh your body and mind at Terme Topolščica Spas

Visit Terme Topolšica with its Zala Wellness Centre. The natural thermal water spring with constant temperature of 32ºC, green forests, fresh mountain air and many sunny days enrich your experience of the most modern ways to achieve health and wellbeing.
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Adventure Packs

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All packages
Family day at Velenje beach

One day experience

Spend a day on the best Slovenian natural  beach. Do it your way!

Velenje Underground

A unique evening experience

Come by to enjoy some of the best gastronomic pleasures Slovenia has to offer. The dishes rooted in the coalminers’ traditions will be a feast for all senses!

Mysteries of submerged villages

Sail on precious pieces of the past!

Help a descendant of the Velenje miners, who mined one of the thickest layers of coal in the world and turned fertile fields into lakes, find a precious item under the water surface!

Children's stories of lost villages

A tour of the Museum of Coal Mining, a walk to Lake Velenje and a ride with a ‘pletrca’ along Lake Velenje.

Fly into the tannery of Europe

Noble Šoštanj

Feel like a legendary entrepreneur on a private tour of a once the most reputable leather factory around! In Šoštanj, the town of light, visit the leather family of Vošnjak – Woschnagg.

Find yourself in Šalek valley

Retreat for relaxation, self-discovery, and finding motivation for life’s new challenges

Everyone has at least one reason to experience the countryside. If your body needs rest and your spirit peace, fulfill your needs on a three-day retreat Find yourself in Šalek valley.

Along the paths of Kajuh

Walk through the old-town centre of Šoštanj, learning about the history and role of Karl Destovnik Kajuh, visiting Kajuh’s Park and home and visiting Villa Mayer.

Underground adventure

Adventurous underground cave trekking that excites imagination

The feelings cave explorers experience in the depths of this karst beauty of Šalek valley are indescribable. Experience them yourself. Do you dare join the Underground adventure?

Culinary trio

One day experiencee

Experience the diversity of the days of yore and modern-day adventures in three towns boasting stories that could not make them more different from one another!

Guided experiences by bike through the Šalek valley

Find the right route for yourself.

Take the opportunity for activities in the nature of the Šalek valley and don’t forget that you can experience hidden routes also with a cycling guide.