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Šaleška Valley Tourist Board

Šaleška Valley Tourist Board

Šaleška Valley Tourist Board

Šaleška Valley Tourist Board
Velenje Tourist Information Center

Responsible person Alenka Kikec, director
Stari trg 3

SI – 3320 Velenje
Telephone: 03 896 17 15

Registration number: 1451316000
VAT ID: SI 15285367
IBAN transaction account number: SI56 0133 3600 0001 119 (PPP)


Opening hours

Business hours of the Šaleška Valley Tourist Board:

  • from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 15.00
  • Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays: closed

Opening hours TIC Velenje:

  • Monday to Sunday and public Holidays: from 9am to 5pm

Opening hours TIC Vista:

  • from Monday to Sunday and public Holidays: from 9am to 5pm

The institute’s goal is to create a high-quality, all-inclusive tourist offering, as well as to encourage and promote tourism development in the Šaleška Valley.

The institute’s basic activities, which it performs in the public interest as a public service, are information activities; planning, implementation of strategic development plans and projects, planning, design and marketing of a comprehensive tourist offer; promoting the development and arrangement of tourist and recreational infrastructure and other facilities important for the implementation of tourist service activities; promoting the development of comprehensive tourism products; cooperation and coordination of activities with tourist associations and associations of the area, creation and preparation of documentation for public tenders for various projects; management and administration of websites and target web domains; training and promotion of education of staff in tourism, implementation of local tourist guide service; raising awareness and encouraging the local population to have a positive attitude towards tourists and tourism; organization and conducting of events; promoting public relations activities and cooperating with media representatives; design and sale of souvenirs; design and publication of promotional and informative printed materials and video materials.

The Šaleška Valley Tourist Board manages tourism in the leading destination Šaleška Valley (Velenje, Šoštanj/Topolšica).

Villa Bianca and Vista Park are also managed by the institute. We also handle the leasing of premises for the implementation of individual events to other organizers, as well as providing assistance and technical support for event implementation.

The Municipality of Velenje, the Municipality of Šoštanj, and Gorenje Gostinstvo are the institute’s founders.

We are especially proud of the following awards:

  • Destination website – finalist in the Tourism category (WEBSI web champions)
  • Trippstory application – 2nd place in the category of Innovative creators of the future (WEBSI web champions)
  • Velenje beach – 1st place in the category of natural swimming facilities
  • Velenje Underground – Big See Tourism Award 2020
  • Velenje Underground – finalist of Conventa Crossover 2020, 2022
  • Velenje Underground – semi-finalist Sejalec STO 2020
  • Mysteries of submerged villages – Big See Tourism Award 2022
  • Mysteries of submerged villages – Slovenia Unique Experience
  • Fly into the tannery of Europe – Big See Tourism Award 2022
  • Fly into the tannery of Europe – finalist Slovenia’s Hidden Gems 2022
  • Fly into the tannery of Europe – Slovenia Unique Experience
  • The destination Šaleška dolina was included in the Green Destinations Top 100 Stories list of the 100 best sustainable practices in the world with the history of the 5* Secrets of Sunken Villages experience.

Contact with employees:

Alenka Kikec

Director of the ŠD Tourist Board

Telephone: 03 896 16 32

Stanko Brunšek

Director assistent  (Head of Vista and Velenje beach)

Telephone: 03 896 17 15

Tina Belina

Senior consultant for tourism (DMO Manager)

Telephone: 03 896 17 18

Snežana Ilić

Tourist informator

Telephone: 03 896 17 15

Saša Bujan

Tourist guide organizer (Head of TIC)

Telephone: 03 896 15 31

Olivera Filipovič

Tourist informator 

Telephone: 03 896 18 60

Vesna Zager


Telephone: 03 896 15 27

Amel Pašić

Area consultant (Vista, Velenje beach)

Telephone: 03 896 17 15

Urška Rožič

Tourist guide organizer (Digital marketing and PR)

Telephone: 03 896 15 31

Jasmina Mahmutbegović

Caretaker (Vista)

Telephone: 03 896 17 15

Tanja Špegelj

Caretaker (Vila Bianca)

Telephone: 03 896 17 15

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