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Dediščina preteklosti

3-4 urni program

The legacy of the past

3-4 hour programme

Take an interesting historical journey and learn about the role of the Šaleška Valley during the Republic of Slovenia’s independence.


RETRO WALK THROUGH VELENJE (nostalgic exploration of the “socialist miracle” of Velenje)

MEMORIAL CENTRE 1991 (museum presentation of events during the independence of the Republic of Slovenia in the Šaleška Valley)

Duration of the programme:

3 hours

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  • from 12 EUR per person

The price includes local tourist guidance, tours according to the programme, and organisation.The price is informative for 20 people and can be adjusted based on the size of the group and the visitors’ preferences. All services under the programme must be booked in advance.

VAT is included in the price We reserve the right to change the price and programme.

* Option for having a true socialist-era snack.

In the case of a small group please inquire about pricing. We customise the trip based on your preferences.

Reservations and Information: Šaleška Valley Tourist Board

Zavod za turizem Šaleške doline
T: 03 896 17 15