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Beekeeping Čanč

Beekeeping Čanč

One can do a lot, two can do more, with bees you can do even better for sure. Add in the will and you may conquer any hill.

Beekeeping Čanč


Plešivec 16
3320 Velenje

GPS coordinates: 46.405898, 15.100028

Contact: +386 31 877 761

Franc and Anica Čanč from Plešivec are the owners of the beekeeping business with the longest tradition in the Šalek Valley. During the visit, you will listen to the singing of birds, observe comb foundations and bees, touch raw beeswax or try their honey products. Besides honey, they offer several other charming products, such as sparkling mead, creamy honey, pollen, honeycombs, honey liqueur and wax products.