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Experience socialism

Expect to laugh and cooperate in order to solve tasks!

Experience socialism

Velenje, the youngest Slovenian city, is the best place to relive recent history. Socialism, the system adopted for the time in which our post-war generation grew up, is a part of our collective consciousness and provides entertaining personal memories. For those wanting nostalgia and smiles, these are revived by a stroll from the largest statute of Marshal Tito in the world to the former workers’ home, which used to be an important gathering point for Velenje’s miners, and Gorenje and other company’s workers.

Velenje was intentionally built amidst the green. It has developed as a multicultural town with the values of solidarity and fellowship, which still mark the pulse of the city. Those taking retro walks can feel this at interactive points, when engaged in fun experiences, when seeing certain objects and, last but not least, when tasting a genuine socialist worker’s lunch.