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Gora Oljka – Andraž

Velenje, Andraž, Gora Oljka

Take the cycling lane at the foot of Velenje Castle Hill to Pesje, where you must turn left at the Hartl inn towards Podkraj cemetery. You then cross the Veriželj Stream, go past the hayrack to the left (image A), where the road starts climbing. It is paved up to Vede, then gravel all the way to Gora Oljka (Mount Olive). After the descent from Gora Oljka, go past the plague column at 13.44 km and then turn left onto a paved road leading to Andraž (image B). Then after 17.81 km, turn left towards the slope, past Saint Andrew’s church and back to Podkraj cemetery. At Hartl inn, cross the main road past the Hofer grocery shop. Continue on the gravel road for 0.57 km, be careful when crossing the unprotected rail crossing to the Merkur DIY store and continue on the paved road to your starting point. A total of 14.11 km of gravel surfaces.

Length of the trail: 38 km
Total climbs: 800 m
Total descents: 840 m

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