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Gora Oljka – Polzela – Pekel Cave – Bevče

Velenje, Pesje, Gora Oljka, Polzela, Bevče

Take the cycling lane at the foot of Velenje Castle Hill to Pesje, where you must turn left at the Hartl inn towards Podkraj cemetery. You then cross the Veriželj Stream, go past the hayrack to the left where the road starts climbing. It is paved up to Vede, then gravel all the way to Gora Oljka (Mount Olive). After the descent from Gora Oljka, go past the plague column and next to the signpost for Andraž (image A), turn left and then immediately right onto a forest gravel track to the first homestead (image C). At this point, instead of the path marked with blazes, you may turn left and go through the vineyard to the paved road. You then continue past the Tomaž homestead. In Polzela, turn left towards Velenje and after a little under 500 m, turn right towards Zalog (marked) and then on to Ponikev past Pekel Cave (which you might wish to visit). Continue through the hamlets of Studence and Stebovnik, where you pass holiday homes and then turn left (image B) and climb the gravel road towards the Krošelj homestead, where near the Košan apple orchard you turn right towards the biological agriculture farm. Just before arriving to the wooden hut (image D), you veer right and follow the cart tracks and then asphalt to the Velenje – Arja vas main road, which you should cross, continue a few metres on a paved surface, then turn left onto the cart track over Nanojca to Bevče and finally back to the point of departure. A total of 8.04 km of gravel surfaces and cart tracks

Length of the trail: 44 km
Total climbs: 820 m
Total descents: 820 m

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