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Paški Kozjak – Firer – Dolič

Velenje, Paški Kozjak, Dolič

Take the cycling lane in the direction of Šalek Castle up to the traffic light before the tunnel, where you take the left in the intersection, continue past Šalek Primary School to Selo and then past the plastics plant where you will cross main road between Velenje and Slovenj Gradec. After 200 m, with Vegrad’s quarry behind you, you will join the gravel cycling and hiking trail on the right bank of the River Paka. Immediately after crossing the bridge, turn left and continue on the former railway track on the left bank of the River Paka. You will then follow the former railway to the Paka gravel quarry (the Paka primary school is to the left across the Mislinja – Velenje road) and to the right, continue on the paved road to the chalet at Paški Kozjak. This is the beginning of the gravel section to Sv. Jošt, then a descent to Verzelak where you will be back on asphalt, where you will go left at the second major intersection (image A) to the road Gornji Dolič – Vitanje (formerly the Firer Inn). The last section is a descent towards Velenje, your starting point. We would like to draw your attention to being very cautious on the Gornji Dolič – Paka gravel quarry section (5.85 km) due to busy weekday traffic (lorries). At the Paka gravel quarry – also the Paka primary school (image B) – be careful when turning left and then take the cycling trail on the former railway to the starting point. A total of 14.31 km of gravel surfaces.

Length of the trail: 43 km
Total climbs: 950 m
Total descents: 950 m

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