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Šalek Castle – Lipje – Hudičev graben – Brdce – Paški Kozjak

Velenje, Dobrna, Lipje, Hudičev graben (gorge), Paški Kozjak, Šaleški Castle

Take the cycling lane or the trail below the Herberstein Villa, then it’s a steep climb past the ruins of Šalek Castle to Saint John’s Church at Spodnje Lipje, then continue on the route Janškovo Selo – Kačji grad – Dobrna – Hudičev graben. After Ramšak’s mill, turn right towards Brdce (image A) and again right when you reach the crucifix (image B), where a gravel road begins leading towards Paški Kozjak, from where you will descend towards the gravel quarry, and then before the bridge spanning the River Paka, you turn left onto the former railway track that will lead you back to the starting point. A total of 14,29 km of gravel surfaces.

Length of the trail: 40 km
Total climbs: 990 m
Total descents: 990 m

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