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St. Martin’s Wine Adventures

If you want to come in contact with unspoiled nature and experience the vibe of a region that gives home to homeliness, authenticity, hospitality and kindness, you should visit Šmartno ob Paki and their Tourist Wine Trail.

A well-known cultural wine region formed during a period when wineyards covered huge surfaces has been preserved until now along with various types of vineyard cottages which still serve their purpose. The oldest ones among them are Mlinar vineyard cottage (allegedly built around 1540 or in the 17th century), Bednik wineyard cottage (1748) and Španec vineyard cottage (1818), all of them comparable to the other vineyard cottages in Slovenia.

Tourist Wine Trail will lead you through a vineyard region in Mali vrh, between the vineyards, past several cultural and natural sights to individual viewpoints, wine cellars, wineries and farms dealing with supplementary crafts and activities.

Winegrowers and Tourist Society Šmartno ob Paki offer several different opportunities of discovering this wine-growing region:

· Cultural and natural sights of the municipality
· Traditional way of winemaking
· Foretaste of wine (wineries, wine cellars)
· Foretaste of traditional dishes prepared at farms.

Tourist Wine trail connects 8 spots:

1. Primožič Winery (positioned at the highest point of Mali Vrh)
2. Špan’c wine cottage (one of the most preserved and oldest wine cottages in Slovenia)
3. Malus wine cottage (excellent white wine)
4. Kovačič Homestead – artistic craft (souvenirs)
5. Pr’ Jožetu Kuglerju – recurrent champion and winemaker of the year in Šmartno ob Paki
6. Pr’ Paulekovem Korlnu – different wines, domestic pastry, bread and sweets.
7. Laket’s Wine Cellar – more than 150-year long tradition
8. Malus Village Inn – local food.

Phone:  +386 41 233 269 (Mojca) / +386 31 805 823 (Kristina)