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Themed cycling trail across the Paški Kozjak hills

Paški Kozjak hills

The climb to Paški Kozjak is long and moderately difficult, followed by long descents, a treat for mountain biking enthusiasts. The Paški Kozjak area of the isolated karstic type is rich with natural heritage (very diverse flora and fauna, karstic caves and the Velunja peč natural bridge), as well as cultural heritage (Ludvika Blagotinšek’s tomb, the memorial to the 14th Partisan Division’s breakthrough, the Pušnik Meierhof). The trail is equipped with many information panels that provide directions to visitors.

Length/duration of the trail: the combined length of all cycling trails is some 33 kilometres.
Terrain/suitable for: the trail is moderately difficult and suitable for anyone. You do need a mountain bike because almost half of the trail is gravel (not paved).