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Topolšica, 9. maj 1945 – Spominska soba podpisa delne nemške kapitulacije (en translation)

9 May 1945, Topolšica – Memorial room for the signing of the partial German capitulation treaty

In the building of the Topolšica spa park, there is a memorial room that represents a partial German capitulation of Army Group E and German forces for SE Europe. It was signed by General Aleksander Löhr. The memorial room is set up so that it can be visited 24 hours a day, as you can watch a short film about the events of May 1945 in these locations at the touch of a button, in addition to the reconstruction of the signature of the capitulation, which was one of the most important events on our soil during World War II. General Löhr’s pistol, which was confiscated from him by Ivan Dolničar a few days after the signing of the capitulation, is also one of the collection’s highlights. The pistol is displayed in the centre of a glass cube, which is meant to represent the capture of a weapon or resistance to its ineffective use.

Every day of the year, the memorial room is open to the public for free.

Topolšica 75
SI – 325 Šoštanj
Velenje Museum
T: 03 898 26 30