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Trebeliško – Tuš – Šalek

Velenje, Trebeliško, Šalek

Take the cycling lane in the direction of Šalek Castle up to the traffic light before the tunnel, where you take the left in the intersection, continue past Šalek Primary School to Selo and then past the plastics plant where you will cross main road between Velenje and Slovenj Gradec. After 200 m, with Vegrad’s quarry behind you, you will join the gravel cycling and hiking trail on the right bank of the River Paka. Cross the bridge (image A) and start climbing the paved road towards Trebeliško (once a motocross racecourse). At Skaz, a gravel road begins that leads all the way to the Tuš agritourism farm. From there, a forest trail will take you past the Šentjanška pot signpost to a clearing in the woods with a hunter’s lookout tower (image B), then you should continue partially on the trail marked with blazes under Vernerski vrh to Šalek. A total of 6.53 km of gravel and forest trails.

Length of the trail: 12 km
Total climbs: 320 m
Total descents: 320 m

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