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Velunjski graben – Rihter – Zgornji Razbor – Kavčnik – Strmina – Lajše

Velenje, Šoštanj, Razor, Gaberke, Velenjsko jezero, Škalsko jezero, Družmirsko jezero

Take the cycle lane to the Jezero Campsite. Then follow the jogging/cycling trail past the ramp of the power plant ash disposal facility, to the left by the jogging trail over the subsided area over the coalmine and once again crossing a ramp to Gaberke. Continue on asphalt through Velunjski graben (gorge) to the end of the paved surface, past the Rihter bar, then the first road to the right is a steep climb (image A), which becomes more gradual as you approach the Lapovčnik homestead. From here, you should already have a fine view of Zgornji Razbor and its St. Daniel’s church (image C). A few metres from the sports court, descend past the Radman homestead back to the Velunjski graben gorge, then continue past Grabnar into Konečki graben, as described in the description for the trail 21. At the crossroads of two equally important roads, turn left to tackle the steep slope (image B) towards the Kep farm, where the path is crossed by an electric fence (image D), then descend to the paved road on which you must continue till you reach the Zavodnje – Sleme road. Leave the latter once you’ve passed the Kavčnik homestead (marked), then descend through Strmina in the direction of Lajše – Šoštanj – Gorica – and over the subsided area past the Jezero campsite to your initial starting point. A total of 26.64 of unpaved road surfaces.

Length of the trail: 50 km
Total climbs: 1.060 m
Total descents: 1.060 m

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