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Bicy city bikes

Automated city bike rental system

The Bicy system is automated system for bike rents, which includes 149 bikes this year. BICY system enables renting a bike for up to 14 hours a week per user. The system includes quality bikes that are manufactured by a Slovene manufacturer KRPAN. You can return the rented bike on any BICY station. Bicy system was developed locally by Šolski center Velenje.

To use the BICY system, personal user registration is required, which will be until cancelation possible on three locations after appropriate business hours:

  • in the Velenje Municipal Enterprise at Koroška cesta 37/b, Velenje, every day, Monday to Friday, from 7.15 to 14.45 hours,
  • In Tourist information centre in Velenje in Vila Bianca, which is overseen by the Šaleška Valley Tourist Board (Stari trg 3, Velenje), every day between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • In premises of municipality Šoštanj (Trg svobode 12, Šoštanj), every Wednesday between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

User registration

To access the service of the BICY system, the user concludes a contract and obtains a user card at the same time. For registration, it is necessary to present a valid identity document and tax number. Registration is valid for the current calendar year (April 25, 2023 – December 31, 2023) and must be renewed in each new calendar year. All existing users who registered in the previous season received an SMS message inviting them to reactivate their BICY card.

Upon registration or replacement of the old user card with a new one, which enables the use of the upgraded system, maintenance and registration costs of 10 EUR per year are partially covered. After registration, the user can use the BICY system every day of the week, subject to a time limit of 14 hours in each calendar week.

Mobile Bicy Velenje application

You are invited to use the BICY mobile application, which allows you to monitor the state of the bicycle rental system via smartphones. You can download the application to your phone via the Google Play store (bicy) and the IOS App Store (bicy app). The application enables the inspection of free bikes and free racks in the BICY system, and with its help, bike rental will be even easier.

Service stand

In Velenje, next to the main bus station (forest road), there is a service stand where users can repair their own bikes and fill up the tires.



1- bus station Velenje

2- Vila Bianca

3- City stadium –  MIC

4- youth hotel

5- City hall

6- Sončni Park

7- Na Selu

8- Na Gorici

9- ŠCV – C building

10 -TC Velenjka

11 – KS Pesje

12 – primary school Šalek

13 – Velenje Beach

14 – Konjeniški klub

15 – primary school Anton Aškerc

16 – PC Stara vas



17 – Tresimirjev Park,

18 – Kajuhov Park,

19 – Metleče,

20 – Topolšica,

21 – Pohrastnik – Florjan.