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Cultural Centre/Dom kulture

Kulturni dom Velenje is the town’s cultural centre intended to hold cultural events, cinema, seminars, conventions, etc. It was designed by architect Oton Gaspari and completed in 1959.

The building stands on the northwestern side of Velenje’s Tito Square (Titov trg), a modern plaza with a pronounced geometrical design, which is spatially defined by modernist-style (designed by renowned architects of the era) buildings of public importance.

The building housing the Velenje Cultural Centre is by all means one of the best examples of comprehensively designed structures of postwar modernist architecture in Slovenia. The architectural expression of its exterior and interior alike, including the floor plan concept as well as all of the details and furnishings is a very pronounced and consistent manifestation of modernist architecture of the 1950s. The building’s stylishness called for by its function is created by the use of premium materials and by the great attention given to the design of the numerous details.

Festival Velenje
Titov trg 4
SI – 3320 Velenje

T: +386 3 898 25 70
F: +386 3 898 25 85