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Sculpture of a Miner, 1948 – 1952

Author: Alojzij Kogovšek (1909 – 1984)

The artists depiction of a Miner is one one of more important sculpture made soon after the liberation where the artist successfully realised his efforts to master a sculpture that looks as if in motion.

Almost life-size figure of a miner going to his daily work was created in the tradition of realism while at the same time satisfying demands of socialist realism.

This was the first public monument erected after the second world war in Velenje. The sculptor, Alojzij Kogovšek, designed the sculpture in two sizes. The larger of the two was erected in Ljubljana, while the smaller was originally erected in front of the Svoboda cinema in Velenje in 1953, and was subsequently moved to its present location near the Ljudska Univerza in the centre of Velenje in 1967.