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Šenbric – Graška gora – Velunjski graben – Reštovnik – Gnojičnik – Šoštanj

Velenje, Šoštanj, Graška gora (hill), Velunjski graben (gorge), Velenjsko jezero, Škalsko jezero, Družmirsko jezero (lakes)

To Konovo via Šmartno or Šalek to Šenbric. After a few metres from the St. Bric’s church begins a gravel road. From the top of the hill, you will descend on a paved road to Škalski Cirkovci, then it’s gravel again to the WWII resistance memorial at Graška gora, then back to asphalt to the foot of Jesenjak (image A), followed by a gravel road to Velunjski graben gorge, where you should turn right to get to the Mlinar farm, and after it turn right again onto a gravel cycling trail dubbed ‘panoramic route’. When you arrive to the paved road (marked Podgorje – image B), turn left and after a few 100 metres left once more past the Reštovnik homestead (marked) and then back to Velunjski graben onto asphalt. Turn left and, after having cycled for 25.12 km, turn right and across the bridge, then it’s a steep climb towards the Gnojičnik homestead. At the top, the path bifurcates to the left towards Forhtenek, and to the right towards the Konovšek homestead, where you will re-join a paved road surface. Afterwards, descend towards Šoštanj and keep on the cycling lane running alongside the banks of Lake Šoštanj until you reach your initial point of departure. A total of 15.15 km of gravel surfaces.

Length of the trail: 40 km
Total climbs: 1.020 m
Total descents: 1.020 m

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