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»Špančeva« Vineyard Cottage

»Špančeva« Vineyard Cottage

It is one of the oldest and one of the best preserved vineyard cottages in Slovenia.

»Špančeva« Vineyard Cottage


Mali Vrh 56
3327 Šmartno ob Paki

GPS coordinates: 46.336404, 15.040421

Contact: +386 31 348 676

The Špančeva vineyard cottage is a cultural and ethnological gem of the Slovenian viticulture. Just like their ancestors did it in the old days, they still cultivate the vineyard and press grapes in a mighty wine press from 1791. Anže Podgoršek, the winegrower, will present traditional oenology practice and let you taste a sip of their unique wine from the autochthonous white vine »ranfol« and their specialty: the wine bread.