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The learning path of the Pearl dwarf

Homestead Lamperček – Temnjaški stream – Wolf’s mill- Forest relaxation – Snake castle – Blažiš antique collection

The learning path tour begins at the Lamperček Homestead. The trail has six points where we can learn about the mill valley area’s rich history. The guided tour lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours. The group is greeted by a local guide at the Lamperček Homestead. A local guide presents the route, distributes the leaflet to visitors, and invites them to the route before the more than 500-year-old linden tree (which was planted by the Turks as the main road connection to Carinthia passed through here).

Second point: Temnjaški stream
On the way from the first to the second point, there are stunning views of the Mozirje mountains and the Savinja Alps to the west. The Gorjančev mill guide explains the significance of the Temnjaški stream, which once housed 13 mills. They continue along the mill valley to the next point.

Third point: Wolf’s mill
When you arrive at Wolf’s homestead, you can sit on a bench with tables and enjoy a snack from your backpack. The guide then tells you about the history of Wolf’s mill,
which was originally used primarily by the lords of Snake castle. By prior arrangement, you can also see the mill in operation. Continue along Temnjaški stream for a while, then follow the direction signs to the right along the forest road.

Fourth point: Forest relaxation
At this point, a local guide will explain the importance of the forest in our lives, you will learn about some of the trees native to the area, and you will participate in a relaxation exercise. Relaxed, you will continue your way to Snake Castle.

Fifth point: Snake Castle
The guide at Snake Castle will tell you about its fascinating history. From there, there is also a beautiful view to the east of Konjiška mountain. You can read an interesting legend from the time when nobles lived here on the information board. In the summer, you will be able to see the domestic animals of Marovšek’s homestead on the way to the sixth point.

Sixth point: Blažiš antique collection
Mr Peter Habe is a well-known antique collector in the Celje region. You will be able to view a collection of bikes for all professions by prior arrangement.

Continue to the Lamperček Homestead, where a local guide will bid you farewell. By prior arrangement, you can visit the game barn, hunting museum, and other sights on the homestead. They can also prepare drinks or snacks for you. They also provide you with a location where you can continue your educational activities on this day.

We have presented a framework program that can be upgraded or tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Distance/travel time: 2 hours
Terrain/suitable for: the route is moderately difficult and best suited for older children accompanied by an adult.

Download the prospectus including the itinerary

Pogleg na Domačijo Lamperček

For a price list of guided tours and activities along the Learning path of the Pearl dwarf, send an inquiry to or call 03 896 17 15.