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The Museum of Leather industry, Šoštanj

In Slovenia, for a number of centuries, the leather industry was an important craft. With industrial revolution this craft slowly grew to become an industry rather than just a craft and become an important industrial sector of the first half of the 20th century. However, due to crisis that hit leather industry in the send half of the previous century, majority of leather industries ceased to operate.

At the Museum of Leather Trade in Šoštanj you can see how over 210 years the leather trade developed in Šoštanj from the establishment of the Vošnjak leather trade in 1788, though the peak of its development when this was a large industry, to 1999 when the factory was closed down. The exhibition shows the role the Vošnjak family played in the area, and the impact the factory had on the developmnt of Šoštanj, where to date you can get a whiff of unigue leather odour.

In addition, you can see a display of a workers’ dwelling, director’s office, Lujek’s cobblers workshop, and glimpses of the life and fate of the Vošnjak mill-owners. Through varies activities of associations and clubs we can get just an indication of the cultural and social life of the Šoštanj people and lives of ordinary workers and their families.

– From Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00 AM – 5.00 PM

Primorska ulica 6h
SI – 3325 Šoštanj

T: +386 3 898 44 20