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The Velenje Museum

Special exhibitions: A collection of African art collected by František Foit is the only collection of its kind in Slovenia.

When the new town was built in Velenje, the authorities decided to build a museum to preserve the town’s cultural heritage. The museum was located in the Velenje castle which was, as a result of war, in pretty dire state. The first exhibition arranged in the museum was the Collection from Slovene coal mines, which was opened to the public in 1966. Subsequently a model of a mine shaft was made for visitors to experience the mining environment.

SUMMER WORKING HOURS (to 1. 9. 2022):
– From Monday to Sunday: 10.00 AM – 6.00 PM

Ljubljanska cesta 54
SI – 3320 Velenje

T: +386 3 898 26 30

The museum houses a total of eleven museum and gallery collections, including::

  • relics of the mastodon,
  • exhibition of African art collected by František Foit,
  • exhibition “How Velenje has developed into a town”,
  • exhibition Šalek valley between the 10th and the 17th century,
  • collection of baroque art from the church of St. Jurij v Štalah,
  • exhibition Šalekša valley between 1941 – 1945,
  • collection of modern Slovene art – Gorenje,
  • the Lojze Perko Gallery,
  • reconstruction of the old general store,
  • reconstruction of the old pub and
  • exhibition of works by sculptor Ciril Cesar.