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Villa Bianca

For more than 700 years, at the foot of Velenje Castle, has stood today’s Old Velenje or the former Velenje Square, which was built in the middle of the 13th century along with the castle. Villa Bianca, one of the most beautiful buildings in the square, has limited the market ambience since the second half of the 19th century. The suburban villa is a Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Gothic hybrid built in the spirit of old feudal mansions. It is one of three historic palaces in Velenje, along with Villa Herberstein and the Gorica manor. Villa Bianca was named after the 19th-century Countess Bianca Adamovich.

Visit the Šaleška Valley Tourist Board, where you can see the building under expert guidance and learn about its rich history or read the book Villa Bianca – The Story of the Villa’s Rebirth by Špela and Rok Poles.

A boutique inn has come to life in the modernly decorated representative Villa Bianco, in a pleasant corner of the terrace with a view, offering culinary creations under the fingers of master chef Igor Stankovič.

Igor Stankovič is a man who enjoys cooking. A top chef who is well-versed in Šaleška Valley gastronomy and has a strong desire to further develop and improve it. Already at Villa Herberstein, he created top culinary delicacies and expanded his knowledge under the mentorship of a master chef with as many as six Michelin stars.