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A city of Beautiful Rock and light.

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A city of special crafts and activities

Tanners from Šoštanj needed light to work, the same light adorned the picturesque villas around the city square. Today, illumination is provided by Šoštanj thermal power plant. You can see the special attractions of the square that developed alongside the large tannery, today housing the Museum of Tannery in Slovenia, by taking guided tours of the city, which is inseparably connected with the countryside. You can visit Kavčnik Homestead, Bahor Pottery workshop and other places of natural and cultural heritage.

Šoštanj from above and at ground level

The first plane landed in Šoštanj in 1927. Today, a sport airport is located in nearby Lajše, from where you can fly to panoramic views of Šaleška Valley. Whatever you see from the sky, can also be visited at ground level by travelling its hiking and cycling trails. Afterwards, you can relax by the sea, which is also attractive from a fishing perspective, or at nearby Terme Topolšica Spa.

Tanning at Šoštanj

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Šoštanj smelled of leather for a long time! Its picturesque square with city villas developed alongside the tannery for more than 200 years. At the Museum of Tannery in Slovenia, enter a working class apartment, a director’s office and a shoemaker’s workshop.
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Hotel Paka

Hotel Paka has received numerous awards both in Slovenia and abroad. It has four stars.

Hotel Razgoršek

Hotel Razgoršek is a family hotel, where all the rooms are furnished in style. It is located only 15 kilometres from the motorway exit, in the vicinity of shopping centres, the bank, post office and coach and rail station.

Camp Velenje

The Jezero camping site is located at the Velenje lake, only one kilometre fro the town’s centre in the Westerly direction.

Youth hostel Velenje - Green Accommodation

Velenje Youth Hostel is located only 500 metres from the town centre and the main bus station, on the shores of the river Paka opposite the Livada Elementary School.

Villa Herberstein

Vila Herberstein is situated in one of the most beautiful locations in Velenje. It is located only two hundred metres from the town’s centre, close to the winter swimming pool, and the woodland behind the Villa is an excellent place for relaxing walks in the nature.

Prenočišče Mraz

The Mraz Accommodation is located at the edge of the woodland in the hamlet of Gorica near Velenje. Here guests can relax and enjoy the peaceful, natural environment.

Topolšica Spa

When our path leads us astray from the main roads into the heart of nature, we are greeted by an infinite assortment of primal experiences.

Youth centre Šmartno ob Paki

The Šmartno ob Paki hostel is located in the shelter of Mount Oljka (733m) and is easily accessible from all urban centres.

Glamping Valley of Peace at Lamperček

The cottages are located in a quiet area by the stream, where you can unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city while listening to the birds’ chirp.

Apartments Rosemary Topolšica

Discover the serenity of Rosemary, a hidden cottage nestled in the heart of nature. Immerse yourself in the picturesque surroundings, explore the nearby cycling paths, and indulge in experiences offered at the renowned Topolšica spa.