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Events with a view

Indulge in the exceptional panorama and modern ambience of the Vista event space, which elevates any event.

Events that converge on the lake’s shore

Vista’s distinctively designed private space adds a new dimension to events by being open on both land and lake and offering a variety of happenings in both directions. Concerts and cultural events, sports, social and educational events, and festival events are just a few examples. Choose based on your preferences.

A stage designed specifically for spectacular events

The entire Vista Park complex has just over 46,000 m² of landscaped space, which can accommodate events with up to 30,000 visitors. The event stage is extremely large, measuring up to 2,300 m². This is one of Slovenia’s largest stage areas, and it also provides excellent technical support for the execution of large and demanding events. For events with fewer attendees, a smaller stage is also available.

Architect inspired by the dragon legend

The mysterious image of the dragon Pozo inspired the architectural design of the event space with a viewing platform. Legend has it that he lived in Lake Velenje in ancient times, but he allegedly hatched beneath the Kozjak hill, breaking through the rock, and through this opening, water is said to have filled the Šaleška Valley. Lake Velenje has a history dating back more than 2.5 million years, stretching to a swampy valley with a lush forest, from which the famous lignite – coal mined by Velenje miners – was formed.

Do not miss this

Holiday break for the family

Holiday break

Combine the splashing around in pools with exciting learning opportunities and adventures around Šaleška Valley.

Weekend with Pozoj the Dragon

A two-day stay for the entire family

Stay close to the lakes that have special stories to tell and surprise your little ones with pleasant strolls.

The Dwarf’s school day

A 3-hour hiking discovery for schoolchildren

In the Valley of Mills near Vinska Gora in Šaleška Valley, schoolchildren attending 4th grade and upward will experience unforgettable encounters with natural phenomena, plants, animals and traditional arts and crafts.

A wanderer’s tour for schoolchildren and their parents

A four-day programme of guided tours where every day is a new adventure

Let Šaleška Valley be the destination of your family’s grand journey!

Pippi Longstocking’s walking ‘round town

A family weekend during Pippi’s festival

Let your freckles show, make sure your stockings don’t match, and then it’s off to Velenje to take part in Pippi’s adventures!

Pozoj castle trail around Velenje

For exploring the castles in Velenje we recomend you the Pozoj dragon circular trail around Velenje.