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A park suitable for all ages

Spend your free time at the lively Vista Park, which offers a beautiful view and a variety of other interesting activities by Lake Velenje.

To the lake for your favourite activities

A large pier stretches far across the lake from the lake bay, allowing you to observe the secrets of the lake depths up close. Sailing with the boat Pozoj or riding a stand-up paddleboard will take you on an adventure as you explore sunken villages. However, you may prefer to swim because the water is of high quality and calls for a refreshing swim.

Playgrounds for children and adults

Sports enthusiasts will also feel at home in Vista Park. To keep your body and soul moving, there is a tennis court, a beach volleyball court, and even a bowling alley. There is also a playground with a variety of jungle gyms for the little ones, where they can discover mischievous ways to exercise. The surrounding meadow and park areas provide complete relaxation for those seeking nature.

Anancus and mastodont

Anancus and mastodon are five-meter-high painted concrete sculptures that break through the trees to the event space. Their southern sides are warm red and yellow, while the northern sides are cool green and purple. Each surface also has a distinct pattern: one is curly hairy, another has stripes, a third has a strict mesh pattern, and a fourth has randomly scattered lines. The front trumpeter laughs, and the back one astounds everyone: ooOOO!

Remains of a mysterious antiquity

Interesting sculptures of anancus and mastodont remind us that trumpeters lived in the Šaleška Valley 3.6–2.5 million years ago. Huge herbivores resembled elephants today. The fossil remains of trumpeters discovered in Škale in 1964 are housed in the Velenje Museum at Velenje Castle, where you can also see a life-size anancus.

Jump into Lake Velenje

Velenje Beach is the best starting point for strolls, cycling, and horse riding around the lakes, the waterpark for swimming, stand up paddleboarding, sailing and kids playing, pleasant bars for relaxation, and sunken villages for surprising discoveries!
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Do not miss this

Holiday break for the family

Holiday break

Combine the splashing around in pools with exciting learning opportunities and adventures around Šaleška Valley.

Weekend with Pozoj the Dragon

A two-day stay for the entire family

Stay close to the lakes that have special stories to tell and surprise your little ones with pleasant strolls.

The Dwarf’s school day

A 3-hour hiking discovery for schoolchildren

In the Valley of Mills near Vinska Gora in Šaleška Valley, schoolchildren attending 4th grade and upward will experience unforgettable encounters with natural phenomena, plants, animals and traditional arts and crafts.

A wanderer’s tour for schoolchildren and their parents

A four-day programme of guided tours where every day is a new adventure

Let Šaleška Valley be the destination of your family’s grand journey!

Pippi Longstocking’s walking ‘round town

A family weekend during Pippi’s festival

Let your freckles show, make sure your stockings don’t match, and then it’s off to Velenje to take part in Pippi’s adventures!

Pozoj castle trail around Velenje

For exploring the castles in Velenje we recomend you the Pozoj dragon circular trail around Velenje.