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Visit agritourism farms, discover exclusive producers of tasty specialties and treat yourself to excellent foods and drinks produced in an environmentally friendly, traditional and always genuine way! Get to know the best providers!

Three secrets to life.


Apat Tourist Farm

If you want to escape to a remote spot in the nature where you could relax and eat well you should definitely visit the Apat tourist farm.


Karničnik Tourist Farm

If you’re a fan of top-notch dishes from a hearth oven, you should definitely visit the Karničnik tourist farm.


Tuševo Tourist Farm

If you would like to combine sports activities, games, tasty meals, wonderful views across the Šalek Valley and a good sleep in the countryside, you should visit the Tuševo tourist farm.


Skubeer Brewing

Primoz Škruba and Aleksander Stankovič do not drink beer merely for thirst, but also because of the unique experience brought in a varied selection of flavours.


Pr’ Krajn’k Farm and »Loko Loko« beer

At the Pr ‘Krajn’k farm, Marija and Herman restarted the tradition of brewing and distilling industry where in the 2nd half of the 20th century the previous generation used to grow golden hops and brew beer.


»Špančeva« Vineyard Cottage

The Špančeva vineyard cottage is a cultural and ethnological gem of the Slovenian viticulture.


Primožič Winery

The Primožič Winery is run by Mojca Praprotnik and her family who take their practice mostly as relaxation.


Kugler Wine Cellar

Kuglers own a huge wine barrel where you will taste their sauvignon, chardonnay, yellow muscat, »Laški rizling« white wine and other exquisite wines.


Šili Pasta

People in the countryside have always been resourceful and flexible; the Šilc family is a living proof of that.


Napotnik Farm

At the Napotnik livestock farm, dairy cows have been bred for generations.


Imperl Farm

If you would like to enjoy fresh vegetables or some other home-made specialty on your vacation call the Imperl family.


Potočnik-Poprask ECO-Farm

The Potočnik-Poprask brand is famous for their scrumptious cookies.


Beekeeping Čanč

Franc and Anica Čanč from Plešivec are the owners of the beekeeping business with the longest tradition in the Šalek Valley.


Kozman ECO Farm

The Kozman Family ventured into eco farming in order to offer people healthy products made from spelt, wheat, buckwheat and rye, as well as unleavened pastry, jams, juices and other home-made goodies.


Underground adventure in the Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia

Take the miners’ lift to descend deep into the underground. In a dining hall situated 160 metres below the earth’s surface, try a miners’ lunch or a unique culinary event; whilst doing so, experience the special features of Velenje coal mining.
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Adventure Packs

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Family day at Velenje beach

One day experience

Spend a day on the best Slovenian natural  beach. Do it your way!

Velenje Underground

A unique evening experience

Come by to enjoy some of the best gastronomic pleasures Slovenia has to offer. The dishes rooted in the coalminers’ traditions will be a feast for all senses!

Mysteries of submerged villages

Sail on precious pieces of the past!

Help a descendant of the Velenje miners, who mined one of the thickest layers of coal in the world and turned fertile fields into lakes, find a precious item under the water surface!

Children's stories of lost villages

A tour of the Museum of Coal Mining, a walk to Lake Velenje and a ride with a ‘pletrca’ along Lake Velenje.

Fly into the tannery of Europe

Noble Šoštanj

Feel like a legendary entrepreneur on a private tour of a once the most reputable leather factory around! In Šoštanj, the town of light, visit the leather family of Vošnjak – Woschnagg.

Find yourself in Šalek valley

Retreat for relaxation, self-discovery, and finding motivation for life’s new challenges

Everyone has at least one reason to experience the countryside. If your body needs rest and your spirit peace, fulfill your needs on a three-day retreat Find yourself in Šalek valley.

Along the paths of Kajuh

Walk through the old-town centre of Šoštanj, learning about the history and role of Karl Destovnik Kajuh, visiting Kajuh’s Park and home and visiting Villa Mayer.

Underground adventure

Adventurous underground cave trekking that excites imagination

The feelings cave explorers experience in the depths of this karst beauty of Šalek valley are indescribable. Experience them yourself. Do you dare join the Underground adventure?

Culinary trio

One day experiencee

Experience the diversity of the days of yore and modern-day adventures in three towns boasting stories that could not make them more different from one another!

Guided experiences by bike through the Šalek valley

Find the right route for yourself.

Take the opportunity for activities in the nature of the Šalek valley and don’t forget that you can experience hidden routes also with a cycling guide.